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The Effect by Lucy Prebble
“Clever direction and a sharp script make for a wild ride in Capital T’s The Effect” – Austin Arts Watch
“There’s a lot to be said and considered within this script about the fragility of the brain, the morality behind human testing, and how much weight we place on our emotions as mere biological impulses. Like all good scripts that ask questions of their characters and audiences, there are no correct answers but that doesn’t dampen the thoughts evoked from …

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Song About Himself by Mickle Maher
October 27-November 19 2016
Hyde Park Theatre

“This Show Sings!”
– Austin Chronicle

“The three performances are top-notch…you are in for some exceptional theatre.”
– Austin Broadwayworld

“Katherine Catmull, as Carol, captures the character’s sense of existential crisis, and her extreme desire to connect with another human being provides the driving force that motivates the entire play. Jason Phelps is her perfect counterpoint as the charming, often funny, and increasingly disturbing Host/Hostess, while Ken Webster’s Tod is awash in confusion, anxiety, and quiet strength.“
– Austin American-Statesman

“With his words and Maher’s …

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[4 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on We ♥ the I ♥ Walmart Cast | ]
We ♥ the I ♥ Walmart Cast

Capital T is proud to announce the cast for their upcoming world premiere of I ? Walmart.   The cast include B Iden Payne and Austin Critics Table Winners and Nominees Kelli Bland,Travis Dean, Mark Pickell, Mark Scheibmeir, Mason Stewart & Ben Wolfe as well as Mateo Barrera, Molly Fonseca, Adam Hilton, Carrie Klypchak, Joey LePage, & Miriam Shoemaker
Mateo Barrera
is a native of South Texas, and a graduate from Texas A&M Corpus Christi with a degree in Acting and Directing.  Some of his favorite past performances include Ralph Wantage Frozen, …