Cap T: Thirteen Years in Austin
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The First 100

Our goal is to find 100 people who support Capital T before the year’s end. No matter how small or large your tax deductable donation is it will help us reach our goal. These first 100 supporters would be recognized as a group of people who believe in the core values of Capital T, like paying artists, providing opportunities for young artists, and creating challenging theatre productions in Austin. It is also a statement of your support of the future of the company. The list of the FIRST 100 will be kept in perpetuity for the life of the company and will be recognized as the founding 100 supporters of Capital T.


is how many actors, designers, and directors we have compensated for their time and talent in the last 5 years. Capital T is included in the very few theatre companies committed to paying Austin Actors, Designers, Directors, and Crew decent wages for their work. We are also committed to keeping ticket prices low, without compromising the quality of our productions.


new directors introduced to Austin theatre through our New Directions program. The program offers a young aspiring director the opportunity to gain a professional directing credit by directing a play for Cap T.


is the number of bold and challenging shows that we have offered Austin since our creation. Over half of them have been nominated for Best Production.


Anything Helps

$25 helps pay for programs
$50 pays for sound equipment rental
$100 helps buy paint for the set
$250 pays for posters
$500 pays for postcards and mailing them
$1000 helps pay for an award winning set