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Auditions for I AND YOU

23 February 2018

Character Breakdown

Paid Positions and all ethnicities strongly encouraged to audition:

Anthony- a boy, 17. He is neat, poised, mature for his age. He’s an “A” student, a team player, a nice guy. He’s not really great around girls. He takes his homework very seriously. When he likes something (jazz music) he is all in. Throughout the whole play he looks at Caroline like he’s trying to figure her out. Like he really needs to know who she is.

Caroline- a girl, 17. She is in comfy clothing, she does not expect company, she is sick but mainly just looks a little weak and frumpy. She doesn’t go out. She is cynical, over it, does not let a stray “feeling” near the surface.


Auditions:  Saturday, March 3rd 1pm-5pm

Callbacks  Sunday, March 4th 5pm-9pm


Hyde Park Theatre 511 W. 43rd St Austin, Texas 78751

About the Show

Classmates but virtual strangers, Caroline and Anthony have more in common than they know.  Homebound due to illness, Caroline is something of a loner. So when popular student Anthony unexpectedly arrives to work on a school project about Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, she is less than thrilled. But, as the poetry project progresses, Caroline finds herself opening up in ways she never imagined possible, and the two discover a deeper mystery has brought them together. Directed by Simone Alexander.

Rehearsals and Performances

Actors would need to be able to start rehearsals immediately.  Rehearsals will be held generally in the evening on weekdays and some rehearsals on the weekends.  Actors would need to be available for performances April 5-14.

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