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Cap T Announces its 2011-2012 Season

10 October 2011

Capital T has will lay out a feast of theatre for you to devour in 2012.  Bears, apocalypses, first opportunities, new beginnings, and a thanksgiving dinner are at the center of these four exciting new plays Cap T will unleash on Austin audiences in the upcoming year. The first course that we will serve is our New Directions production PRECIOUS LITTLE TALENT by Ella Hickson.  PLT was the breakout hit of the Edinburgh and London last year, and Ella Hickson has been hailed as  “something of a wunderkind in new writing”. Don’t forget that last year’s New Directions production of SPIRITS TO ENFORCE directed by Gary Jaffe went on to win Best Drama from the Austin Critics Table Awards. We promise this one will not disappoint.

Next on the menu…For those of you who loved last Fall’s smash hit and award winning play HUNTER GATHERERS we would like to recommend BOOM by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb. There will be just as many laughs, but not as many lambs. Set in a bunker at the end of the world as we know it, it outrageously chronicles a scientist and his unwilling partner’s attempts at repopulating the earth.

Cap T would recommend pairing EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR by Lauren Gunderson with your other selections. One reviewer describes it as: “If the Coen Brothers decided to set a feminist revenge tale in Atlanta and sprinkle it with Dixie Chicks pixie dust, it might look something like Exit, Pursued by a Bear, a raucous comedy of friendship, domestic abuse and performance-as-catharsis.  You will not want to miss this over the top revenge comedy.

You could hardly call THE PAIN AND THE ITCH by Bruce Norris a dessert. It is more like a third, fourth, and fifth course. To summarize it simply as “the worst Thanksgiving ever!” would not do justice to recent Pulitzer Prize recipient Bruce Norris’ scathing satire on the idealized American family. It is one Thanksgiving dinner that might make you appreciate your family more.

Check out more info about each production below!

January 2012

Following up our recent hits of SPIRITS TO ENFORCE, DYING CITY, THE BIRD and THE BEE, and I GOOGLE MYSELF

Precious Little Talent

by Ella Hickson

January 2012
Directed by Scott Tipton

The US premiere of the break out hit of Edinburgh and London

It’s Christmas and Londoner Joey flees to New York in a bid to find comfort with her estranged father. Just as the world seems to have shunned her, so will he. Yet in the face of such rejection world-weary Joey falls in love with an idealistic young American. Precious Little Talent is a story of fathers and daughters, of aspiration and frustration, of memory and loss.

Ella Hickson is London’s hottest new playwright.  Her debut play EIGHT which won a Fringe First, The Carol Tambor ‘Best of Edinburgh Award, was also nominated for an Evening Standard Award. She was recently nominated for the Charles Wintour Award for Most Promising Playwright by the Evening Standard Theatre Awards for PRECIOUS LITTLE TALENT.

 “It is young, full of spluttering energy and has a real fire in its belly about the need to retain your optimism in a cruel world – Hickson really is a little bit special” The Guardian UK

“Radiant,  wonderfully witty,  you will be left wanting, but for all the right reasons” The Telegraph

May 2012

Cap T’s followup to last years smash hit HUNTER GATHERERS


by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

Directed by Mark Pickell

May 31- June 23

A marine biologist hosts a journalism student in his subterranean biology lab for an erotic “casual encounter.” As disaster looms upon the planet, the fate of their “date” takes on monumental importance. BOOM is an epic and intimate comedy of evolution, loneliness, and how to survive.

“Mr. Nachtrieb has a gift for darkly funny dialogue and an appealing way of approaching big themes sideways. [boom] winds up speaking, quietly and piquantly, to our enduring fascination with and need for myths about the beginning of life as well as its end.” The New York Times.

August 2012

Thelma and Louise meets Killer Joe in this southern fried fingerlickin new comedy by Lauren Gunderson

“Bear is RAW and HILARIOUS” – American Theatre Magazine

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Mark Pickell

August 16-September 8

Nan decides its finally time to leave her abusive husband Kyle and make a run for it…but not until she’s tied him up, covered him in honey and invited the neighborhood bear in for a snack.  Lauren Gunderson’s gut-busting, outrageous revenge comedy about dreams, healing, and the simple joy of tying a dickhead to the living room chair.

“If the Coen Brothers decided to set a feminist revenge tale in Atlanta and sprinkle it with Dixie Chicks pixie dust, it might look something like Exit, Pursued by a Bear, a raucous comedy of friendship, domestic abuse and performance-as-catharsis. – ArtsCritic Atlanta

October 2012

Just in time for Thanksgiving


The Pain and the Itch

by Bruce Norris

Directed by Mark Pickell

October 25-November 17

A young daughter in serious need of attention. A ravenous creature possibly prowling the upstairs bedrooms. An average Thanksgiving for one privileged family unravels into an exposé of disastrous choices and less-than-altruistic motives. A scathing comedy about the politics of class and race, a controversial, painfully human examination of denial and its consequences.

“Playgoers hungry for smart, vicious drama will feel like an itch has been scratched.” ”Time Out NY