Cap T: Thirteen Years in Austin
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Critics Agree: DETROIT is a HIT!!

4 September 2014

  “a night of EXCELLENT theatre.” 

– Austin American-Statesman



– Austin Chronicle                                            -Austin American-Statesman

“Capital T Theatre’s Detroit is a destination worth visiting”

– Austin Chronicle

“Joey Hood has to be one of the most natural actors in Austin theatre. You are never aware of him acting. He always just inhabits the character. His work is, as always, mesmerizing.”

– Austin Broadwayworld

You will find yourself laughing through the whole evening. This is a spectacular cast… and singling out any one particular performance is difficult because they work together so beautifully

-Austin Broadwayworld


On a marvel of a set by Ia Ensterä, capturing on Hyde Park Theatre’s tiny stage all the middle-class blandeur of the midcentury tract home – patio, fence, lawn, and all – impulse control gives way to boozy, woozy transgressions at once hilarious and appalling – the escalating rowdiness is sharply calibrated by director Mark Pickell and cast – until that safe suburban stronghold of the backyard becomes ground zero for 21st century American alienation and frustration.

-Austin Chronicle

 The cast is excellent, with great comic timing and teamwork. As obnoxious as the shrewish Mary ends up being, it’s still easy to find sympathy for her and each of the characters in this comedy with depressing overtones. Rebecca Pearcy is awkward and adorable, capturing well the mood swings and exuberance of a recovering addict.

– Austin American-Statesman


A great evening of theatre, stunningly realized.

– Austin Broadwayworld

As always, Capital T really sets the bar high when it comes to production value. Ia Enstera’s set is outstanding – an inventive piece of realism that is all the more impressive given the confines of the Hyde Park space. Or, perhaps, the triangular stage may be why the set is so impressive. The scene transitions aren’t rapid, but they’re certainly worth the wait. Lowell Bartholomee’s sound design is great, too, and the overall quality of the show pulls you into the world of the characters and makes you forget yourself and your own troubles

– Austin-American-Statesman