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Critics agree, Exit Pursued by a Bear is “HILARIOUS”!

23 August 2012


in every sense of the word” 


– Austin Chronicle                     


– Culturemap Austin                                             -Austin American-Statesman

“Exit, Pursued  by a Bear” provides its audiences with a lot of laughs and a little food for  thought.”

– Austin American-Statesman

“An abusive husband gets a shot of Southern discomfort in this hysterical revenge comedy”

– Austin Chronicle

Never bogged down by melodrama, the dramatic approach, the hilarious one-liners and the appropriately modern setting give the age-old story of a houswife’s awakening a fresh new Southern spin.

-Culturemap Austin


Hood’s performance is a triumph. He has the magnetic, sickening attraction of an abuser; though he is constrained by duct tape for nearly the entire play, he nearly hoodwinks both the audience and Nan.

-Austin Chronicle

 As Sweetheart, Indigo Rael steals maybe too much of the spotlight  with her perfect set of abs and daisy dukes, distracting us from her  impressively open-mouthed performance as a clueless aspiring  actress. Meanwhile, Stephen Mercantel has the best lines of the play,  even if he chews on them a bit too much at times.

– Culturemap Austin


“Stephen Mercantel’s Simon and Indigo Rael’s Sweetheart offer gusts of caricatured lightness, spouting irresistible, well-timed one-liners with contagious energy. Indeed, Capital T Theatre’s production maintains buoyancy throughout as the actors move fluidly through Gunderson’s witty, metatheatrical dialogue”

– Austin Chronicle

Indigo Rael’s comedic timing is impeccable…and Joey Hood brings surprising pathos to his final monologue. And though he could certainly stand to take it down a snap or two on the sassy scale, Stephen Mercantel is undeniably hilarious in his role as the hyper-protective best friend.

– Austin-American-Statesman