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Critics are a ga ga for google

11 February 2008

i google myself coming back this summer!

Capital T is proud to announce the revival of its FronteraFest hit i google myself by Jason Schafer July 17-August 2 at Hyde Park Theatre.  Don’t miss out on the three week revival, and don’t take our word for how amazing the show is, check out what the critics had to say!

a taut, sexy play given a taut, sexy production…Cliff Miller, Jude Hickey and Bastion Carboni are fantastic [read the full review]

Michael Barnes – Austin360

Capital T Theatre Co. takes the work of writer Jason Schafer (Queer as Folk, Trick) and works a little of the same magic on theatre that Brokeback did on film – breathing some life and dimension into queer-ish characters who are too often represented as two dimensional place-holders…Before you can say “I’m going to  slap your ass so hard it’ll see stars,” the audience is pulled into the world of three refreshingly weird (gay! not gay!) characters. [read the full review]

Sam Armstrong  – Austinist

“the cast of three all deliver tight and spot-on performances”

Jeanne Claire van Ryzin

Read the interview with the playwright Jason Shafer by the Austinist

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