Cap T: Thirteen Years in Austin
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Critics are Unanimous: Ecstatic We Are!!!!

7 November 2013

 This is a remarkable script
and a remarkable evening 

-Austin Live Theatre

“This ecstatic play about poet William Blake hit just the right intellectual

and theatrical spots for me.”

– Michael Barnes, Austin American-Statesman

  “BUY A TICKET…It’s just so much FUN!”  

Austin Chronicle

“One of the great things that theatre can do for people is transport them, even when they don’t realize they need transporting. Capital T’s production of There Is a Happiness That Morning Is does exactly that.”

– Austin Chronicle

“Catmull’s performance is FUN and INTENSE”

-Austin Broadway World

“Charming and Absurd…FUNNY and enjoyable…
  a wacky (yet witty) evening of love and literature”  
-Austin American-Statesman

“A bizarre, brilliant play that is capable of reordering your brain a bit”

– Austin Chronicle

“Maher’s 80-minute one act piece is exciting, dramatic, funny and deep — an impressive script, and it’s performed with élan, aplomb, assurance and feeling by the two leads, Catmull and Jason Phelps”

-Austin Live Theatre

 “Get off your butt and see this play.” 

-Austin Broadway World