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Critics fall in love with FOOL FOR LOVE

20 November 2014


“Fool for Love” is an impeccably acted piece of theatrical intensity

– Austin Theatre Examiner

Karrasch’s honest intensity raises the stakes in what is one of the more powerful performances by a local actor in recent memory.

– Austin Chronicle

Joey Hood deftly maneuvers between Eddie’s sometimes violent erraticism and his buried masculine vulnerabilities, maintaining a strong performance at both ends of the spectrum.

– Austin Chronicle

  “Buckle up for a bumpy ride down lovers’ lane that’s as uncomfortable and tragic as it is provocative and engaging.” 

– The Austin Chronicle

As many audiences discovered in “Exit, Pursued By Bear” a few years back, Molly Karrasch and Joey Hood play incredibly well off each other, and in “Fool for Love”, the electricity between them turns incendiary…When joined together, these two emotionally tortured souls create crystalline moments of escalating action, which keep the audience breathless.

-Austin Theatre Examiner


Strong acting may drive the production, but the technical aspects heighten its discomfort and drama. Lowell Bartholomee’s jarring sound design ups the ante, while, as usual, Ia Ensterä’s rustic and textured set provides the ideal atmosphere for this story to unfold.

-Austin Chronicle

 “In a year of several intense plays, Capital T has thrown their hat into the ring with this dark chamber drama, featuring a pair of eviscerating performances and crisp, sharp direction from Mark Pickell. The pairing of Sam Shepard once again strikes gold, and we can only hope that the two forces come together again sooner rather than later.”

– Austin Theatre Examiner


Love can be a many splendored thing, sure, but it can also be a gut-wrenching nightmare. The love depicted in Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love, presented by Capital T Theatre, is a far cry from the love of fairy tales, but unlike a bad relationship, it’s entirely worth your time.

– The Austin Chronicle