Cap T: Thirteen Years in Austin
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Critics find plenty to love about PUNKPLAY

12 June 2014


-Austin American-Statesman

  “Capital T Theatre’s latest party-on-a-stage”  

Austin Chronicle

The title would have you believe this play is “about punk,” but it actually turns out to be something much greater: a musing on the search for identity…I’m grateful for the magic of theatre

– Austin Chronicle

As the “bad influence” of the duo, Nate Jackson (Duck) radiates a manic energy that saturates the performance. Jackson fully inhabits his role as anti-establishment high-school drop out, the kind of character we hate to love.

-Austin American Statesman

“Capital T’s PUNKPLAY is Strong and Subversive”
-Austin Broadway World

Travis Dean’s fight choreography might be one of the best, or at least most entertaining, bout of fisticuffs I’ve ever seen. 

– Austin American-Statesman

Director/designer Mark Pickell heads a technical team with much to be proud of. The white-on-white set, aglow with pink and yellow lighting, is more Warhol Factory than suburbia, but who would complain about that?

-Austin Chronicle

 “an insightful, over-the-top show” 

-Austin Broadway World