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Critics Go Bananas For TREVOR

1 June 2016

“Cap T’s TREVOR is darkly HILARIOUS”

– Austin American-Statesman

“A script and a production that prove an engrossing vehicle for a CAST OF GREAT PERFORMERS.”

– Austin Chronicle

“The audience takes flight on its wild ride, piloted by a four-star cast that makes no promise of setting them down gently. Trevor is for anyone who likes to scream on roller-coaster rides.

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“Rebecca Robinson plays Sandra with the savage intensity of a mother protecting her child. It is a performance filled with incredible pain and stunning self-delusion, proving once again why Robinson is such an amazing performer.”

-Austin Broadway World

“Mark Pickell’s work as both director and scenic designer is impressive. His casting choices in this production are impeccable, and the show’s pacing is excellent. ”

-Austin Chronicle

“With its darkly hilarious exploration of humanity, loss, and a desperate need for connection, Trevor is another impressive Capital T Theatre production that entertains and engages on multiple levels.” 

– Austin American-Statesman

“No one in Trevor is a villain or bad guy, but simply a collection of people (and a chimp) who each have a different idea about what is best for them. And yet, none of them can clearly explain this to one another. Everyone has had moments in which they are unable to get their thoughts across to another individual. It’s frustrating, sometimes maddeningly so. But by God does it lead to some good theatre.”

– Austin Entertainment Weekly

“The entire cast is committed, talented, and powerful.”

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“TREVOR is another fine darkly comedic presentation by the always excellent Capital T Theatre.”

-Broadway World Austin

  “Jason Newman gives a TOUR-DE-FORCE performance as the titular chimp” 

– Austin American-Statesman