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Critics Rave About HAND TO GOD

24 August 2016

“Disturbingly Funny!”

– Austin Entertainment Weekly

“Capital T Theatre’s “Hand to God” is a first-rate production of a first-rate black comedy, with a beyond first-rate lead performance; it is not to be missed.”

– Austin American-Statesman

“Robert Askins wrote a marvelous play in Hand to God, and Capital T Theatre does it full justice in its production at Hyde Park Theatre.

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“The star of “Hand to God,” though, is Chase Brewer, who plays Jason, the boy whose troubled soul creates Tyrone, an evil, angry puppet with a thirst for sex and blood. Brewer is phenomenal in the role, appearing both vulnerable and maniacal from one second to the next as he, essentially, portrays two characters at the same time. His performance is a true tour de force, and it is his believability that brings the audience along for the show’s wild ride.”

-Austin American-Statesman

“HAND TO GOD is a perfectly produced piece of theatre that gets my highest recommendation. Make your reservations now, because this show will sell out.” 

– Broadway World Austin

“Whether you go for the racy humor or the psychological and theological ramifications, Hand to God is certain to provide you with an entertaining evening, a healthy dose of bad laughs, and a rightful apprehension to ever pick up another sock puppet for as long as you live.”

– Austin Entertainment Weekly

“The set designed by Pickell, is an interactive, transformer type of construction with surprises of its own. Patrick Anthony’s lighting design almost tells the story by itself. His lighting sets are imaginative and colorful, ranging from changing daylight filtering through high windows to reflections of traffic signals in a motor traffic scene. Taken together, the set and lighting fields look as though Ia Enstera and Jason Amato never left town.”

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“As I’ve come to expect from Capital T’s productions, the set design is phenomenally detailed.”

-Austin Entertainment Weekly

  “Another aspect of “Hand to God” that makes it so accessible is its uproarious humor…Askins expertly mixes some of the most violently fraught scenes with some of the biggest laughs.” 

– Austin American-Statesman