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Critics Rave About THE BROTHERS SIZE

2 November 2017

“a timely and potent piece of theatrical magic”

– Austin American-Statesman

“DAMN, can these three actors tell a story”

– Austin Chronicle

The Brothers Size receives our highest recommendation for thoughtful people over the age of twelve. The play is part of a heartfelt conversation about race, not just in America, but in the entire world.  The Austin theatre community should seek it out, as the play and the trilogy of which it is a part bode fair to become landmarks in 21st century American theatre.

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“John Christopher’s Ogun is the soul of the production; his performance so full of pain and fire, so committed and commanding that it’s hard to take your eyes off him, even when he’s not speaking.”

-Austin Chronicle

“a resonant, challenging piece of ritualistic theatre peppered with song and dance, more than worthy of reflection.” 

– Austin Chronicle

“This script places extraordinary demands on a speaking cast, but director Jason Phelps and these actors are well up to the task.”

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“Sean Christopher brings excellent singing and speaking voices to the character of Oshoosi.  Behind these obvious acting talents are quicksilver emotional changes that play across his face and body, sometimes not so obviously, but all of them seeming to telegraph the anguish and thwarted desires of one lost in a hostile bayou world. 

– Central Texas Live Theatre 

  “The chemistry that the two men have as brothers is palpable, and the scenes they share together crackle with electricity as they move from anger to joy to sorrow. ” 

-Austin American-Statesman