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Critics Rave About THE STRANGERER

16 June 2015

austinchroniclearts“DEFIES EXPECTATIONS” 


           – Austin Chronicle                      


-Austin Theatre Examiner

“Mark Pickell’s Capital T once again mark out their territory as the brainiest and most in-your-face production companies in Austin.”

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“Robert Pierson as George W. Bush, with his pained expression, earnest stumbling speech and astonishing mimicry, is the heart of this performance…skin-crawling verisimilitude.”

-Central Texas Live Theatre


“Weird and interesting and entertaining” 

-Austin American-Statesman


The Strangerer” hits a nice balance of intelligence and wit, leaving you with a few belly laughs, a lot to think about, and plenty to talk about over the days that follow.”

– Austin Theatre Examiner


“Though he shares the stage with some fine actors, “The Strangerer” is truly a testament to the talent of Robert Pierson. The role demands that the actor walk a fine line, bringing out the humorous personality and foibles of our 43rd president, while never playing him off as simply a joke. After all, there is some very cerebral material coming out of the mouth of Bush here, and it has to be believable, despite the constant spoonerisms, pauses, and vocal stumbles. Pierson is able to play up the buffoonery and bring the laughs in droves, while also selling the more potent passages, creating something textured and prismatic, and riveting to watch.”

– Austin Theatre Examiner

On the other side of the spectrum, Ken Webster utilizes his ability to portray subtle emotion with skillful nuance in his taciturn performance as John Kerry, who is not prone to the wild fits of fancy of his opponent, keeping his emotions more locked in.

– Austin Theatre Examiner