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Critics Serve Up Raves For The Dumb Waiter

17 November 2015


– Austin Chronicle

“Full of menace and wit, The Dumb Waiter is another success for both Capital T Theatre and Hyde Park Theatre. See it while you still can.”

– Austin Entertainment Weekly

“Capital T Theatre’s production of Harold Pinter’s “The Dumb Waiter” hits all of the necessary notes for a Pinter performance.


Absurdist wit that menaces even as it entertains? Check.


Strong performances of characters with hidden depths revealed more by silence than language? Check.

– Austin American-Statesman

“Among Pickell’s many strengths as a director are his ability to fully grasp the needs of a show and to cast it perfectly.”

Austin Chronicle

“This production is an uncomfortable laugh riot that is claustrophobic but incessantly engaging”

– Evan Brooks – Critic Pursued by a Bear

“Webster and Phelps are a perfect duo for Pinter’s “comedy of menace”…both actors have mastered the art of filling each pause and silence with more communication between them than is said outright”

-Austin Entertainment Weekly

The entirety of the one-act play takes place inside of a dingy, run-down room…through this careful creation of an ultra-realistic, grounded setting that Pickell is able to draw the viewer slowly and precisely into Pinter’s strange world, to great effect.

-Austin American-Statesman

  POWERFUL ACTORS…Ken Webster and Jason Phelps carry the show with restrained performances”

– Austin American-Statesman