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Critics Sing Praise for SONG ABOUT HIMSELF

17 November 2016

“This Show Sings!”

– Austin Chronicle

“The three performances are top-notch…you are in for some exceptional theatre.”

– Austin Broadwayworld

“Katherine Catmull, as Carol, captures the character’s sense of existential crisis, and her extreme desire to connect with another human being provides the driving force that motivates the entire play. Jason Phelps is her perfect counterpoint as the charming, often funny, and increasingly disturbing Host/Hostess, while Ken Webster’s Tod is awash in confusion, anxiety, and quiet strength.

– Austin American-Statesman

“With his words and Maher’s in the care of the three actors and director who made Maher’s There Is a Happiness That Morning Is such a pleasure, this show sings, reassuring us that “every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.””

-Austin Chronicle

“All three performances are heightened by bold lighting and sound design, from Patrick Anthony and Lowell Bartholomee, respectively. In Song About Himself, the playing space, and its light- and soundscape, take on gigantic proportions, physicalizing the strange cyber-realm in which the characters find themselves.” 

– Austin American-Statesman

“You will have a lot to think about for days after.”

– Austin Broadwayworld

“if you’d dig a creepy, heartrending evocation of human yearning and attempts at connection in our increasingly mediated world, one that’s expertly performed on a minimal set & complemented by a subtle (also creepy) sound design by Lowell Bartholomee … then you should see “Song About Himself.  Because its so damn good”

– Wayne Alan Brenner

  “Ken Webster…pushing himself to a level of deeply affecting vulnerability we’ve rarely seen)” 

-Austin Chronicle