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Critics: The Pain and the Itch Feels GREAT!

6 November 2012

“Thanksgiving dinner is ready. And all hell is about to break loose.” – Austin Chronicle


Austin American-Statesman

“Anyone who knows Austin theatre will see in an instant that this cast includes some of the very best and most vivid actors in this town. It’s an ensemble that lifts the audience in that close-up space out of mere make-believe into authenticity, unpredictability and suspense that are fine-tuned and deeply memorable.”

– Austin Live Theatre

“Some moments are hysterical and laugh-out-loud funny while others are shocking and stop your heart.”

  “A journey very much worth taking

(but leave the kids at home)”  

-Austin Chronicle

“A superb cast for a savagely humorous flaying of the American upper middle class”

– Austin Live Theatre

Particularly spot-on is Lana Dieterich’s performance as Carol — the grandmother who makes awkward small talk about diversity with Mr. Hadid, inadvertently powers up the television to a porn channel, and fills gaps in conversation with, “The thing about PBS is…” While she can be insufferable, at the same time it’s impossible to ignore her for fear of missing a hilarious morsel.

Austin American-Statesman

 “THE PAIN AND THE ITCH will certainly be one of the   

most memorable Thanksgivings you will ever have”