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Critics unravel Gidion’s Knot and love it!

5 February 2014

– Austin American Statesman

“Top-notch acting”
– Austin Chronicle

“Forceful, virtuoso acting, grim and memorable”

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“Definitely one of the best and most powerful dramas to come along in quite some time”
– Austin Broadway World

“the emotional equivalent of a claustrophobic cage match with no holds barred. ”

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“Wolff’s direction keeps us on the edge of our seats” – Austin-American Statesman

“Both Emily Erington and Rebecca Robinson turn out top-notch performances”

– Austin Chronicle

“You’re far more likely to remember Erington and Robinson than anything else. Both turn in unbelievable performances. As Heather, Robinson gives an honest portrayal of a nervous, mournful, and guilt ridden teacher. But Erington’s gives a more domineering performance. She’s quiet, cold, intense, dangerous, and wonderfully unpredictable. She leads the conversation throughout the evening, sometimes to the point where it feels like Heather is on trial.”

– Austin Broadway World

“Think the Marquis de Sade and a suburban 11-year-old have nothing in common?
Think again.”

-Austin Chronicle

“Gidion’s Knot is a potent play, and this production skillfully handles the responsibility”

– Austin-American Statesman

“a 90 minute tour-de-force…Director Lily Wolff creates a palpable tension between the two by constantly separating them by a vast amount of space.”  Austin Broadway World