Cap T: Thirteen Years in Austin
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COA Documentation 2016-2017

24 April 2016


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August 20-September 19 2015 Hyde Park Theatre

“A gritty, hilarious, and satisfying black comedy, doused from beak to talon in talent and testosterone.”

– Austin Chronicle

“Liebrecht is the rooster, the fighting cock Odysseus Rex, nicknamed ‘Odie’ by his adoring owner. And this is a performance not to be missed…Liebrecht incarnates the bird with ferocious sinewy movement and staccato speech. A triumph of imagination meets a kinetic fury of physical prowess and precisely defined characterization. Rare it is to see an animal so vividly portrayed, particularly onstage. Forget Wilbur ‘Some Pig’ of Charlotte’s Web or Sylvia the frisky canine interloper of A.R. Gurney’s comedy of that name. Liebrecht’s Odi makes the entire crew of Orwell’s Animal Farm look like a bunch of sissies.”

– Central Texas Live Theatre

-Austin Theatre Examiner


“The sharp performances given by this five person ensemble gleam, and supported by terrific tech, they make YEAR OF THE ROOSTER a theatrical event you don’t want to miss!“

–  – Austin Broadway World

An explosively funny play…Capital T Theatre’s “Year of the Rooster” something to crow about

– Austin American Statesman

“Pickell’s directing and the vigor of this cast make Year of the Rooster as intense as the cockfights that it evokes.”

– Central Texas Live Theatre


“The set itself (also designed by Pickell, and gorgeously lit by Patrick Anthony) is a marvel, massively looming within such a small space and bringing the audience right into what feels like an old barn. Of special note, too, is Lowell Bartholmee’s exquisite sound design, which creates a mood and a tone that keeps the audience immersed in the world of the show”

-Austin American-Statesman

 “Julia Bauer’s Philipa is a potent morsel of pure spunk, a compact package bursting at the seams with sass and attitude. The moment she bursts on to the scene in the first act, she becomes a shining point of every scene she’s in. Her repartee with Jason Newman is delightful, her brash, aggressive attitude scraping against his antisocial standoffishness to create sparkling moments of bizarre chemistry. Bauer never plays it one note, however, injecting authentic pathos into the later stages of the production.”

– Austin Theatre Examiner


“Ken Bradley’s charisma-oozing performance, is a constant threat behind a charming smile – with a bit of switchblade-packing snake oil salesman to boot”

– The Austin Chronicle

THE DUMB WAITER by Harold Pinter

October 29-November 21 2015 Hyde Park Theatre


– Austin Chronicle

“Full of menace and wit, The Dumb Waiter is another success for both Capital T Theatre and Hyde Park Theatre. See it while you still can.”

– Austin Entertainment Weekly

“Capital T Theatre’s production of Harold Pinter’s “The Dumb Waiter” hits all of the necessary notes for a Pinter performance.


Absurdist wit that menaces even as it entertains? Check.


Strong performances of characters with hidden depths revealed more by silence than language? Check.

– Austin American-Statesman

“Among Pickell’s many strengths as a director are his ability to fully grasp the needs of a show and to cast it perfectly.”

Austin Chronicle

“This production is an uncomfortable laugh riot that is claustrophobic but incessantly engaging”

– Evan Brooks – Critic Pursued by a Bear

“Webster and Phelps are a perfect duo for Pinter’s “comedy of menace”…both actors have mastered the art of filling each pause and silence with more communication between them than is said outright”

-Austin Entertainment Weekly

The entirety of the one-act play takes place inside of a dingy, run-down room…through this careful creation of an ultra-realistic, grounded setting that Pickell is able to draw the viewer slowly and precisely into Pinter’s strange world, to great effect.

-Austin American-Statesman

  POWERFUL ACTORS…Ken Webster and Jason Phelps carry the show with restrained performances”

– Austin American-Statesman

THE STRANGERER by Mickle Maher

May 28th-June 27th 2015  Hyde Park Theatre


           – Austin Chronicle


-Austin Theatre Examiner

“Mark Pickell’s Capital T once again mark out their territory as the brainiest and most in-your-face production companies in Austin.”

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“Robert Pierson as George W. Bush, with his pained expression, earnest stumbling speech and astonishing mimicry, is the heart of this performance…skin-crawling verisimilitude.”

-Central Texas Live Theatre


“Weird and interesting and entertaining”

-Austin American-Statesman


The Strangerer” hits a nice balance of intelligence and wit, leaving you with a few belly laughs, a lot to think about, and plenty to talk about over the days that follow.”

– Austin Theatre Examiner


“Though he shares the stage with some fine actors, “The Strangerer” is truly a testament to the talent of Robert Pierson. The role demands that the actor walk a fine line, bringing out the humorous personality and foibles of our 43rd president, while never playing him off as simply a joke. After all, there is some very cerebral material coming out of the mouth of Bush here, and it has to be believable, despite the constant spoonerisms, pauses, and vocal stumbles. Pierson is able to play up the buffoonery and bring the laughs in droves, while also selling the more potent passages, creating something textured and prismatic, and riveting to watch.”

– Austin Theatre Examiner

On the other side of the spectrum, Ken Webster utilizes his ability to portray subtle emotion with skillful nuance in his taciturn performance as John Kerry, who is not prone to the wild fits of fancy of his opponent, keeping his emotions more locked in.

– Austin Theatre Examiner


March 3-20th 2016 – The Off Center

“a fresh, imaginative look at one of history’s more intriguing characters that is worth seeing.”

– Broadway World Austin

“Director Rosalind Faires’ portrayal of this material is spare yet sumptuous, creating a sense of elegance out of simple fabrics, bare trappings and evocative clothing devised by scenic designer Leslie Turner and costume designer Talena Martinez.”

– Austin American-Statesman


-Austin American-Statesman

“The brilliantly talented Indigo Rael portrays Marie Antoinette.  With the play’s unrelenting focus on her character, her lead is necessarily strong.  No problem.  She is clear, forceful in her presentation, and at the same time nuanced”

– Central Texas Live Theatre

“The ensemble here is strong”

– Austin Chronicle

“As the titular queen, Indigo Rael’s performance is what makes “Marie Antoinette” sparkle.”

– Austin American-Statesman

Recent Awards and Nominations

2014-2015 B Iden Payne Nominations


Outstanding Direction – Mark Pickell

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy – Molly Karrasch

Outstanding Light Design – Patrick Anthony


Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy – Robert Pierson


Outstanding Production of a Comedy

Outstanding Direction – Mark Pickell

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy  – Jason Newman

Outstanding Featured Actor in a Comedy  – Jason Liebrecht

2013-2014 B. Iden Payne Nominations


Outstanding Production of a Comedy

Outstanding Cast Performance – Jason Phelps, Joey Hood, Rebecca Pearcy, Rebecca Robinson, and Tom Green

Outstanding Direction – Mark Pickell

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy – Rebecca Robinson

Outstanding Sound Design – Lowell Bartholomee

Outstanding Scenic Design – Ia Enstera

Outstanding Stage Management – Taylor Hurley


Outstanding Production of a Comedy

Outstanding Cast Performance – Jason Phelps, Ken Webster, and Katherine Catmull

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy – Katherine Catmull

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy – Jason Phelps



Outstanding Lead Actress of a Drama – Rebecca Robinson

Outstanding Lead Actress of a Drama – Emily Erington


Outstanding Fight Choreography – Travis Dean

Outstanding Stage Management – Taylor Hurley



Outstanding Production of a Comedy

Outstanding Direction – Mark Pickell

Outstanding Lead Actor – Robert Pierson


Outstanding Production of a Comedy

Outstanding Direction – Mark Pickell

Outstanding Lead Actor – Jason Newman

Outstanding Lead Actor – Jason Liebrecht

Outstanding Scenic Design- Mark Pickell

Outstanding Sound Design- Lowell Bartholomee

Oustanding Lighting Design – Patrick Anthony


Outstanding Ensemble Performance – Jason Phelps and Ken Webster


Outstanding Direction – Rosalind Faires

Outstanding Lead Actor – Indigo Rael

Outstanding Costume Design – Talena Martinez

Outstanding Lighting Design – Patrick Anthony

Austin Critics Table Award Nominations 2014-2015


Outstanding Production of a Comedy

Outstanding Scenic Design – Ia Enstera


Outstanding Lighting Design – Patrick Anthony

Austin Critics Table Award Nominations 2013-2014

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Outstanding Production of a Comedy

Outstanding Lead Actor – Jason Liebrecht

There is a Happiness That Morning Is

Outstanding Productions of a Comedy

Outstanding Supporting Actor – Ken Webster

Gideon’s Knot

Outstanding Lead Actor – Emily Errington